VA Loan Limits

No VA loan limit on how much you can borrow to buy a home

Know your VA loan limits before you put in your offer
There is no limit on how much a veteran can borrow to buy a home, however if you exceed the guarantee limits below you may be required to make a down payment. While there is no limit on VA loan amounts there is a limit to how much guarantee (insurance) the VA will give the lender for the loan. Any loan over $144,000 is guaranteed for 25% of the loan amount. The VA is actually only guaranteeing a part of the loan, not the whole loan.

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Higher cost of living affects the loan limit

Across the nation there are certain counties that have a higher cost of living and are considered a “high-cost county.” The VA has adjusted the maximum guarantee for those counties below. While there is no maximum loan amount there is a maximum guarantee. You can take the dallar ($) amounts below and calculate that the VA will guarantee 25% of the number shown for the lender. For example, Orange County, California has a limit of $621,000 so the 25% VA guarantee (insurance) to the lender is $155,250, but a veteran could still borrow $1,000,000 or more to buy a home, but may be required to make a down payment because the loan is exceeding the guaranty limits. If the loan was for $621,000 or less, a down payment would not be required. The figures below are just used to calculate guarantee amounts, not max loan amounts. Below are the VA loan limits for 2013.

NOTE: For all counties other than those listed below, the 2013 limit is $417,000.

You can download the 2013 VA COUNTY LOAN GUARANTY LIMITS FOR HIGH-COST COUNTIES or explore the data below.

If you do not see your county under your state your county will have a maximum limit of $417,000.
Alabama ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Alaska ALEUTIANS EAST $625,500
Alaska ALEUTIANS WEST $625,500
Alaska ANCHORAGE $625,500
Alaska BETHEL $625,500
Alaska BRISTOL BAY $625,500
Alaska DENALI $625,500
Alaska DILLINGHAM $625,500
Alaska FAIRBANKS NORTH $625,500
Alaska HAINES $625,500
Alaska HOONAH-ANGOON $625,500
Alaska JUNEAU $625,500
Alaska KENAI PENINSULA $625,500
Alaska KODIAK ISLAND $625,500
Alaska LAKE AND PENINSULA $625,500
Alaska NOME $625,500
Alaska NORTH SLOPE $625,500
Alaska NORTHWEST ARCTIC $625,500
Alaska PETERSBURG $625,500
Alaska SITKA $625,500
Alaska VALDEZ-CORDOVA $625,500
Alaska WADE HAMPTON $625,500
Alaska YAKUTAT CITY $625,500
Alaska YUKON-KOYUKUK $625,500
American Samoa ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Arizona ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Arkansas ALL COUNTIES $417,000
California ALAMEDA $625,500
California CONTRA COSTA $987,500
California LOS ANGELES $668,750
California MARIN $987,500
California NAPA $521,250
California ORANGE $668,750
California SAN BENITO $823,750
California SAN DIEGO $500,000
California SAN FRANCISCO $987,500
California SAN LUIS OBISPO $481,250
California SAN MATEO $987,500
California SANTA BARBARA $593,750
California SANTA CLARA $823,750
California SANTA CRUZ $668,750
California SONOMA $448,750
California VENTURA $546,250
Colorado EAGLE $712,500
Colorado LAKE $712,500
Colorado PITKIN $1,094,625
Colorado ROUTT $550,000
Colorado SAN MIGUEL $1,094,625
Colorado SUMMIT $667,500
Connecticut FAIRFIELD $612,500
Florida ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Georgia ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Guam GUAM $625,500
Hawaii HAWAII $625,500
Hawaii HONOLULU $750,000
Hawaii KALAWAO $625,500
Hawaii KAUAI $625,500
Hawaii MAUI $625,500
Idaho TETON $635,000
Illinois ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Indiana ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Iowa ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Kansas ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Kentucky ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Louisiana ALL PARISHES $417,000
Maine ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Maryland ANNE ARUNDEL $500,000
Maryland BALTIMORE $500,000
Maryland BALTIMORE CITY $500,000
Maryland CALVERT $843,750
Maryland CARROLL $500,000
Maryland CHARLES $843,750
Maryland FREDERICK $843,750
Maryland HARFORD $500,000
Maryland HOWARD $500,000
Maryland MONTGOMERY $843,750
Maryland PRINCE GEORGE’S $843,750
Maryland QUEEN ANNE’S $500,000
Massachusetts DUKES $723,750
Massachusetts ESSEX $500,000
Massachusetts MIDDLESEX $500,000
Massachusetts NANTUCKET $1,094,625
Massachusetts NORFOLK $500,000
Massachusetts PLYMOUTH $500,000
Massachusetts SUFFOLK $500,000
Michigan ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Minnesota ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Mississippi ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Missouri ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Montana ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Nebraska ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Nevada ALL COUNTIES $417,000
New Hampshire ROCKINGHAM $500,000
New Hampshire STRAFFORD $500,000
New Jersey BERGEN $722,500
New Jersey ESSEX $722,500
New Jersey HUDSON $722,500
New Jersey HUNTERDON $722,500
New Jersey MIDDLESEX $722,500
New Jersey MONMOUTH $722,500
New Jersey MORRIS $722,500
New Jersey OCEAN $722,500
New Jersey PASSAIC $722,500
New Jersey SOMERSET $722,500
New Jersey SUSSEX $722,500
New Jersey UNION $722,500
New Mexico ALL COUNTIES $417,000
New York BRONX $722,500
New York KINGS $722,500
New York NASSAU $722,500
New York NEW YORK $722,500
New York PUTNAM $722,500
New York QUEENS $722,500
New York RICHMOND $722,500
New York ROCKLAND $722,500
New York SUFFOLK $722,500
New York WESTCHESTER $722,500
North Carolina ALL COUNTIES $417,000
North Dakota ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Northern Mariana Islands ALL AREAS $417,000
Ohio ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Oklahoma ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Oregon ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Pennsylvania PIKE $722,500
Puerto Rico ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Rhode Island ALL COUNTIES $417,000
South Carolina ALL COUNTIES $417,000
South Dakota ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Tennessee ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Texas ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Utah SALT LAKE $594,550
Utah SUMMIT $594,550
Utah TOOELE $594,550
Vermont ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Virginia ALEXANDRIA $843,750
Virginia ARLINGTON $843,750
Virginia CLARKE $843,750
Virginia FAIRFAX $843,750
Virginia FAIRFAX IND $843,750
Virginia FALLS CHURCH $843,750
Virginia FAUQUIER $843,750
Virginia FREDERICKSBURG $843,750
Virginia LOUDOUN $843,750
Virginia MANASSAS $843,750
Virginia MANASSAS PARK $843,750
Virginia PRINCE WILLIAM $843,750
Virginia SPOTSYLVANIA $843,750
Virginia STAFFORD $843,750
Virginia WARREN $843,750
Virgin Islands ST. CROIX $625,500
Virgin Islands ST. JOHN $630,000
Virgin Islands ST. THOMAS $625,500
Washington KING $500,000
Washington PIERCE $500,000
Washington SAN JUAN $468,750
Washington SNOHOMISH $500,000
West Virginia JEFFERSON $843,750
Wisconsin ALL COUNTIES $417,000
Wyoming TETON $635,000

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